Biomedic Device Integration

Banksia Global was engaged by New South Wales Health Department for a project aimed at integrating biomedical devices. The main challenge identified was that the manual entry of patient observations into Electronic Patient Record (EPR) was consuming a substantial amount of nursing staff’s time and was prone to human errors.

We built an observation message gateway on InterSystems IRIS for Health with Angular based verification screen. This greatly reduced the time required for entering and verifying patient observations, enhanced the workflow efficiency for nursing staff, and also improved the overall accuracy and speed of patient care operations.

Biomedic Device Integration screenshot

Control Insurance Solutions

Control Insurance Solutions is an Australian national provider of motor vehicle accident support services, specializing in delivering insurance and fleet claim-related services to clients in the insurance and fleet industries.

Banksia Global helped by upgrading information system to the latest IRIS release, migrating to the cloud, and implementing enhanced interoperability through APIs. The implementation resulted in significant cost savings, reduced operational errors, faster response times, and improved employee satisfaction.

Control Insurance Solutions screenshot

InterSystems Cloud Portal

Banksia Global's consultants are involved in the development of InterSystems Cloud Portal, a universal tool to deploy and configure InterSystems cloud solutions.

Cloud Portal screenshot

Visit InterSystems Cloud Portal website to sign up:

TrakCare MEUI FlexiBook

Banksia Global was helping to convert Quick Multiple Appointment workflow of InterSystems TrakCare (FlexiBook) into a Mobile-Enabled User Interface. We worked closely with the core TrakCare development team to find the best possible user experience, which would be close enough to an existing UI to support all user requirements and be familiar while providing better look, performance, and functionality.

FlexiBook screenshot

TrakCare Riayati Post Office Integration

Riayati Post Office is a government-run program of the United Arab Emirates to provide a data exchange system that facilitates the secure exchange of health insurance claims related data between Healthcare Providers and Payers. Banksia Global worked with InterSystems Middle East technical team to provide connectivity between InterSystems TrakCare and Riayati Post Office.

Riayati screenshot

Visit the Riayati website to learn more:

TrakCare Seegnal Integration

Seegnal is a clinical decision support platform that empowers clinicians to manage and resolve patient-specific drug-related problems. Banksia Global provided integration between InterSystems TrakCare Order Entry workflows and Seegnal endpoints to facilitate data interchange between two systems.

Seegnal screenshot

Visit the Seegnal website to learn more:


The AppealAI project is a fascinating case study on integrating modern AI technologies, specifically vector search and generative AI, with InterSystems technologies to create practical and impactful solutions. It's a sample application designed to automate the process of writing appeals against insurance denials for medical procedures.

Leveraging advanced AI technologies, it assists users by generating tailored appeal letters based on specific case details entered by the user. The app utilizes a database of documents related to each specific insurance product to enhance the effectiveness of each generated appeal.

AppelAI screenshot


FemTech Reminder

This open-source sample application was built for InterSystems Community FHIR contest. It demonstrates how to connect to FHIR healthcare data storage, analyse patient's data, and send patient a notification to visit a doctor.

It is consists of several components. It has two server parts, one is based on InterSystems Cloud FHIR Server and provides FHIR storage, and another is based on InterSystems IRIS for Health with interoperability production to connect all the moving parts. There are also two client parts: telegram bot-reminder and web GUI for administrator.

logo screenshot

This project is the winner of the InterSystems IRIS for Health Contest 2022

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Visit the project website to learn more:

More information about FHIR contest: InterSystems IRIS for Health Contest: FHIR for Women's Health - 2023

Sheeps Galaxy

Quality sleep is an essential aspect of overall health and well-being, and effective sleep tracking can provide valuable insights into optimizing your rest. Sheeps Galaxy is an open source sample sleep tracking application built to showcase the power of InterSystems Cloud SQL. This project demonstrates a state-of-the-art application for sleep quality monitoring and analysis, leveraging the latest technologies such as Python, Angular and InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL for seamless sleep data management and sleep quality prediction via automated AI model.

This project is the winner of the InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL and IntegratedML Contest 2023

awards screenshot awards screenshot

Visit the project website to learn more:

More information about FHIR contest: InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL and IntegratedML Contest - 2023